An evening of Raw entertainment

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WHEN I was a lad of nine - thirty years ago - my heroes were He-Man, Luke Skywalker, the entire New England Patriots american football team and, ahem, Rick Astley.

So, it’s fair to say I never got within a million miles of any of them in the flesh ... apart from Rick Astley because I lived in the same town as him.

But I never saw him anyway! I’m never gonna give it up, though (groan).

So when my I told my two youngest boys, aged six and nine, that I had managed to wangle some press tickets to watch WWE Raw’s Live World Tour at the Manchester Arena featuring all their wrestling heroes, they nearly passed out with excitement.

They literally worship these guys.

There are pictures on their bedroom wall, they’ve got all the action figures, numerous rings, cages and belts and could quite easily win Mastermind if they were tested on the subject of WWE Raw.

I’ve started so I’ll finish ...

They know all the catchphrases, all the wrestlers’ anthems and signature moves, and wrestle each other (with their own brand of American-accented commentary) every time they get the chance.

Even their duvet features WWE stars John Cena, Triple H and The Undertaker.

Anyway, you get the picture just how excited they were at the prospect of being showered in their heroes’ sweat.

Ok, so the seats weren’t that close, but they were within 50 feet of the ring and the lads loved every single second of the fantastic show.

Their favourite, John Cena, fought and beat Dolph Ziggler and there were appearances from loads more WWE TV stars.

The arena was jam packed and the atmosphere electric.

Not only young WWE fans cheered their idols, but teens and adults were also acting out every limb-snapping, energy-sapping move, shouting encouragement or booing the baddies!

Universally despised (in a friendly way) CM Punk and the man mountain Ryback continued their running battle and the WWE Divas (girly wrestlers) were just as entertaining.

Fans were allowed to get up close and personal to the stars after each bout, which helped to create an ultra-friendly atmosphere - even though it was - in a nutshell - a night of vicious scrapping!

My lads both agreed it was probably the best night of their lives.

Now if only I can find Castle Grayskull I’ll be as happy as them!

Where’s my SatNav?