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Ben dons a dress for TV Match of the Day

A popular Wigan actor played a hilarious cameo role in the new series of the satire comedy W1A.

And the beat goes on for Mike

A veteran of some of Wigan’s best-known groups of the 60s has paid tribute to one of the town’s culinary institutions for a charity single.

Colette Alexander and Harley Humphries launching Haigh Halls first ever German beer festival

Haigh Hall's Foodie fest set to be a winner

Plant it in your diary: a brand new vegetarian and vegan street food event is about to touch down at Haigh Woodland Park this weekend.
DJI Mavic Pro Drone, Jessops, 1040.77

Gadget: 5 of the best drones

We look at 5 of the best drones
Mac Allister 10 Tread Aluminium Double Stepladder.

Gardening: 5 of the best garden stepladders

We look at 5 of the best 5 stepladders
The view from the Hotel Zum Stadttor.

Travel: Austrian hills are alive with sound of great adventure...

There are two things that have made me fall in love with Austria over the years – the jaw-dropping scenery and the friendly people.

Travel: So much to see and do during whistle-stop tour of Italy...

We sat on the steps of Rome's Trevi Fountain - the newly groomed marble horses glistening in spring sunshine - and clutched coins in our left hands to throw over our right shoulders.
Up to 50 flights a day are now officially cancelled

The full list of Ryanair cancellations and what to do if you're affected

Ryanair have now revealed the full list of cancelled flights for the next six weeks.
Help us choose the 2017 Pub of the Year

The hunt is on to find the 2017 Pub of the Year

We all have different ideas of what makes a perfect pub. Do you prefer a cosy traditional ale house, with comfy seats, crackling fire, the happy hum of background conversation and a pint?
Adventure at Haigh Country Park

Lancashire recommends... adventure golf

Here is a list of places for adventure golf.
Azura docked in picturesque Geiranger.

Travel: All aboard Azura to enjoy the fairytale fjords...

Glistening lakes, cascading waterfalls, emerald valleys and majestic snow-capped mountains – the best way to breathe in the fairytale beauty of the Norwegian Fjords is up close and personal, sailing through the very heart of them.
The Apple Watch series 3

New cellular Apple Watch will free users from carrying phone

Three new iPhone handsets may have been the focus, butApple Watch users have been given new powers to free themselves from their phones at Apple's live event.


Video gaming fan rakes in up to £5k a month giving tips on Pokemon

A computer whizz has given up his job after earning up to £5,000-a-month giving tips and streaming videos on YouTube - about POKEMON.

The heavy rains and wind of hurricane Irma as it crossed through the northeastern part of the island in Fajardo, Puerto Rico onWednesday

Disney theme park could be forced to close due to extreme weather hitting Florida

Disney World in Orlando could be forced to close its doors to visitors as Hurricane Irma looms ever closer to the Florida coast.
The magical Diagon Alley in Universals Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Travel: A spellbinding journey into a world of thrills and adventure at Universal Resort in Florida

Snow-covered roofs and bustling streets greeted us as we stepped down from the train, across the platform and into the village of Hogsmead.

CGI of Club Car in the new Caledonian Sleeper

Travel review: Caledonian Sleeper from Preston to Inverness

There have been many memorable train journeys for me over the years. But perhaps the most beautiful and exciting was aboard the Caledonian Sleeper from Preston to Inverness.

Wigan Warriors superfan Jessica Marsh with club skipper Sean Loughlin and Hull skipper Gareth Ellis

Jessica earns her stripes as a Wembley referee

The Challenge Cup was a tough day for Wigan Warriors supporters, but it was a once in a lifetime experience for super-fan Jessica Marsh.
Evie Doherty, four, who is starting school with a new heart

Parents thank donor family as daughter, four, starts school with new heart

A four-year-old girl is starting school with a new heart thanks to the "selfless decision" taken by the family of her organ donor, her mother has said.

"It's always been a cool destination and it's now getting more exclusive.

Ibiza risks losing party capital tag as visitors getting older

Ibiza's reputation as Europe's top destination for the UK's young revellers is at risk as visitors are getting older, new figures show.

Samsung unveils wearable 'wellness manager' in new gadget line

Samsung has unveiled a trio of new wearables aimed at fitness enthusiasts and music lovers.
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