Rick rolls onto vinyl

Rick Astley in the 1980s
Rick Astley in the 1980s
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RICKROLLING has taken a new - and nostalgic turn - by going vinyl.

The practical joke began by chance, when Reddit user dream_logic discovered Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You up in a bin at his local record store. As his friend — user deeprunderstanding — was an avid vinyl junkie, he selected another album, which was: “a decoy record that I knew he’d like”: Perfume Genius’ 2014 album Too Bright. He took photos of Too Bright’s labels and printed them out on adhesive paper, which were stuck to the Astley record. Unfortunately, dream_logic wasn’t able to capture his friend’s reaction when the record first played as, “it all happened so fast. I was just focused on not giving away the surprise.”