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BOYBAND Lawson have been confirmed as the supporting act for singer Jessie J.

The four-piece, which is fronted by former Winstanley College student Andy Brown, will be joining her upcoming Alive tour, doing 14 dates from her Glasgow show to her final gig in Cardiff.

Jessie made the announcement on Twitter, writing: “SO excited for my ALIVE UK TOUR and to announce @lawsonofficial as special guests from 22nd October...”

Lawson also used the social networking site to express their excitement, with the band tweeting: “Could not be more delighted to be off on tour with @jessiej! #ALIVEUKTOUR.”

Later, singer and guitarist Andy Brown added: “So happy were gonna be touring with @jessiej - bring on more fun tour stories!”

The band are riding high on success at the moment.

They reached number three with their latest single Juliet and will release the repackaged edition of their debut album called Chapman Square/Chapter II on October 21.

Andy said he feels they are in “the best place we’ve ever been” right now.

He told Capital FM: “We’re in an incredible position at the minute, the last year and a half has just been amazing for us,

“Chapman Square did so well and now we’re coming back with Chapman Square Chapter II, and everyone seems really excited about it.

“I think we’re in the best place we’ve ever been as a band,

“We’re on the ‘Everywhere We Go tour at the minute, playing the biggest venues we’ve ever played and it’s brilliant.”

While reflecting on the band’s meteoric rise to chart success over the past 18 months, Andy admits they couldn’t have done it without their amazing fans behind them all the way.

He added: “We feel really, really lucky to have such incredible fans that have supported us from day one and we just love every minute of it, performing every night on stage and we’re really excited about getting the album out there.

“If it goes top ten for us, then that’s just another box ticked, fingers crossed!”

Meanwhile, Lawson have insisted they will NOT be following in Miley Cyrus’ footsteps by getting nude in their next music video.

Andy added: “I think the Juliet video was pretty raunchy. You can’t get much raunchier than that. [But] if you think it can go more, fair play. We’ll get on that next time.”