A big embrace for charity Embrace

Alison and Mary Cottriall
Alison and Mary Cottriall

A LOVING mother and daughter have held onto each other for so long that it has earned them a Guinness World Record.

Alison and Bethany Cottriall hugged it out for 27 hours, 27 minutes during a fund-raiser at New 2 You charity shop, in Tyldesley, beating the previous record by one hour and one minute.

The challenge was to raise money and much needed awareness for Embrace, in Platt Bridge, which provides advocacy and support for people with disabilities, as well as their families.

Alison, 41, said; “We are amazed that we did it.

“During the night was worse, especially when Bethany, 20, was ill and needed to be sick, so we kept a bucket by her side just in case. Bethany was a star - she pushed through it.

“I was not too bad but I had foot cramp and back ache. My shoulders were the worst because Bethany is taller than me so I took her weight.

“We were allowed a five-minute break every hour and during that break, we had a bucket of freezing water which we put our feet in to keep us awake.

“I was thinking to myself what per.centage was I of giving up - but I was always zero. Bethany faltered, from six per cent to 36 per cent, but once the sun came up and people started coming in it got better, as they spurred us on.

“The last five hours dragged and I stopped making sense when I was speaking.

“The countdown was really funny when we had reached our goal as we still kept on hugging. We were that tired and numb, we couldn’t let go, as we thought we might drop.

“We always had a team of people with us as we needed witnesses and it was videoed as well.

“We had buckets for people to donate money throughout the challenge - we are still counting that up. People have been so generous.

“I believe we achieved what we set out to do. We have definitely raised awareness for the charity.

“We put a video on Twitter and it had 11,000 views, which is amazing.”

For more information on Embrace call 01942 233323 or visit www.embracewiganandleigh.org.uk