A first class golden mission

A Royal Mail Gold Post Box
A Royal Mail Gold Post Box
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COULD Wigan soon be the proud owner of a new gold post box?

If the borough’s Olympians cycle, vault or shoot their way to glory, the Royal Mail have announced they will paint boxes in their home town.

Teams all over the country will be poised with gold paint ready to make the transformations.

With Bradley Wiggins, Holly Bleasdale and Jon Pollock all aiming for Olympic glory, the Royal Mail gold team could be heading our way in the next couple of weeks.

But in the case of Tour de France hero Bradley, possibly the best hope of our three Olympians, the town could have a fight on its hands to claim one of the historic boxes.

If the cycling superstar is on top of the podium again next Wednesday, following the Olympic individual time trial, brushes could be dipped in gold paint - but in which town centre?

The 32-year-old, who also goes in tomorrow’s road race but will be under team orders to help sprint expert Mark Cavendish win, was born in Belgium and raised down south but has recently said he considers Wigan to be his adopted home town.

If that will be good enough for the Royal Mail remains to be seen.

If not, Wigan’s best chances to see gold could be resting with pole-vaulter Holly Bleasdale and wheelchair basketball captain Jon Pollock.

British record holder Holly is scheduled to be competing in the pole-vault final on August 6.

And the 20-year-old, who lives in Abram, said this week: “I feel good about how I’m jumping.

“I came third in Monaco at the Diamond League on Friday and that’s given me a great confidence boost.

“I need to concentrate and jump as high as I can.

“Hopefully that height will be good enough for a medal.”

Jon, who will be competing in his fourth Paralympics, said: “It will be strange to see a gold post box instead of the big red ones if it happens.

“It’s good of the Royal Mail to acknowledge any success.

“If I come back with a gold medal I imagine the reality of it would take a while to sink in but if I’m driving past a gold post box every day that would make it feel more real!”

Special stamps with an action image of each athlete will also be released 24 hours after a win for Team GB.

A set of stamps for winning Paralympians will be on sale in September.

The gold boxes will remain in full service and will be repainted back to their traditional red after the end of the games.