Candle warning after boy suffers burns

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FIREFIGHTERS have warned of the serious dangers of candles after a six-year-old suffered burns.

The little boy of Marlborough Avenue in Springview was looked at by emergency services at the scene before being taken to Wigan Infirmary at around 8.30pm on Thursday after he accidentally set fire to his clothes with a candle.

The youngster has since been released from hospital and has been treated for minor burns.

A spokesman from Wigan Fire Station said: “We urge everybody to be extra vigilant, especially at this time of year, around any open flames.

“A lot of families use candles more around Christmas and New Year but many don’t understand just how dangerous they can be.

“Luckily this little boy managed to escape with just superficial burns to his right arm due to the quick thinking of his mum who used a wet cloth to distinguish the flames but it could have been much worse.”

A resident of Malborough Avenue said: “It could have quite easily escalated.

“I just hope the youngster is okay now as I know how traumatising it can be.

“I don’t usually use candles but I sometimes light them at this time of year.

“Now I will think twice before I do and will ensure that it is safe and out of reach of others.”