Judges back ‘wicked act’ sentencing

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A MOTORIST who left a young Wigan man lying maimed in the road after deliberately running him down on his 21st birthday has had his sentence backed by top judges.

Daniel Francis Evans, 20, was locked up for eight years at Liverpool Crown Court in May after he was convicted of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

Evans’ victim was Dean Southworth, who ended up with permanent injuries after a night out in Wigan turned to tragedy as he celebrated his 21st with a group of friends in September last year.

Mr Southworth became separated from his pals and got into a row with Evans, who had given him a lift back to his home in Platt Bridge for which he wanted payment.

When Evans, of Topaz Way, Chorley, got back into his car, Mr Southworth began “winding him up”, London’s Appeal Court heard, banging on the car and chasing after it as Evans tried to leave.

Evans, pictured, backed the car towards him, said Mr Justice Henriques, but when Mr Southworth continued to bang on the car he rammed into him, trapping him between his car and a lamppost.

Evans later posted a callous message on Facebook, saying: “Some lad from Platt Bridge kicked off so I ran him over”.

Mr Southworth sustained devastating injuries - including multiple fractures of the pelvis and left thigh and a ruptured bladder.

Mr Justice Henriques, sitting with Mr Justice Butterfield, dismissed Evans’ sentence challenge, concluding that the eight-year term was “fully merited”.

He said: “This was a very deliberate and wicked act with devastating consequences. The Facebook message makes plain this was an intentional act.”