DOWN YOUR WAY - All for one at Jaxons Court

The Style Lounge's Tracey Allen

The Style Lounge's Tracey Allen

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BUSINESSES on Jaxons Court in Wigan town centre have built up a sense of community spirit with each trader more than happy to offer a helping hand to their neighbours.

The aptly named John Fish of Pet Zone has all sorts of critters on offer for the borough’s animal lovers.

He said: “We have recently opened a new section upstairs for our amphibians and reptiles.

“The shop has been open for five years now, we provide equipment and feed as well.

“It’s a good location, we’re close to the bus station and people often come in to have a look around while they’re waiting.

“One of our most popular pets are axolotls - Mexican Salamanders - whenever we get them in they are bought straight away.

“Apparently if they lose a limb they are able to grow it back, they’re very interesting creatures.

“The downstairs of the shop houses our range of small pets such as birds and kittens. We have parrots here as well.”

Tracey Allen’s The Style Lounge is just around the corner.

Tracey said: “I am in the process of transforming the upstairs area so we can have a beautician area - that’s why I’ve called it a lounge.

“We have been open since June and we offer boutique fashion for all ages and we cater for the mature lady.

“People presume that we stock fashion for young women but we have a lot more. We also go up to size 16.

“We are on Facebook and Twitter and we have a very popular website at”

For those on the lookout for quirky Christmas gifts, Anne’s Creations is well worth a look.

Owner Anne Gibson said: “I offer bespoke cards but also do gifts that can be tailored to people’s needs.

“I have had some very interesting requests, at the moment I’m working on a meerkat inside a Tardis.

“Some of the cards I get asked to design are quite rude, it just depends what the customer wants, it is handmade to order.

“The shop has been open since March, there’s not many places that are like this that offer personalised gifts - it’s a quirky shop.

“Jaxons Court is a good location, we all know one another and help where we can.”