Dr Who fan's cancer charity boost

A Doctor Who fanatic who built his own Tardis is helping to raise money for a cancer charity.

Stephen Kelleher has helped to build a life-sized model of the famous time machine to raise funds for specialist cancer centre The Christie.

Stephen, 56, of Cumberland Road, in Atherton, produced the Tardis replica in memory of his brother-in-law Michael Kinsella, who died from cancer three years ago. He was 45.

Fans of the show are now invited to meet Father Christmas in the time machine at a charity fun day in the Lady Heyes Craft Centre, in Frodsham.

Stephen said: "It has proved a huge hit with children, families and fans. People can have a sneak peak inside and all we ask is for people to donate to The Christie.

"In just three years we have raised 6,500 and we hope to reach an even higher target."

Stephen's family helped build the Tardis from every-day household items and it includes a life-sized version of K9 and a replica Dalek.

His neighbour, Ilse Splaine, is also a prominent fund-raiser for The Christie and will be serving home-made mulled wine at the charity event.

Former Christie patient, Ilse, 74, has been helping the cancer centre with husband Bob for 21 years. They have raised more than 60,000 to date.

In the late 1980s Ilse was given just two months to live following surgery for advanced cancer of the abdomen and ovaries.

Bob asked for a second opinion and Ilse was referred to The Christie, where she underwent a course of chemotherapy.

Ilse said: "I have enjoyed every minute of my 21 years' fund-raising and it is my way of saying a big thank-you to The Christie. I couldn't give it up and I am aiming for 25 years."

The Christie's family fun day takes place at The Rock Shop in the Lady Heyes Craft Centre, Frodsham, on Saturday, December 12, from noon to 4pm.

A Doctor Who look-a-like will be showing visitors around the Tardis. Bob Carolgees is expected to call in with Spit the Dog, and a harpist will also be entertaining the crowds at the event.

Entry is free, but visitors will be able to make a donation to The Christie.