Fetish night blasted

An adults-only show which features 'alternative lifestyles' has been blasted a disgrace.

Fetish Rocks, which is due to hit Stilletos lap dancing bar in King Street, Wigan, on August 6, claims to be a celebration of diversity.

It has been organised by Cheshire-based professional photographer partnership Helen Hewitt and Howard Haigh who specialise in "contemporary, thought-provoking, sexy, fetish photography."

And they say the evening brings together inspirational music with erotic images where photographers and models "explore and portray scenarios" suggested by the lyrics of songs.

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It includes suggestive printed images and a digital slideshow.

Coun Mike Winstanley, Conservative group opposition leader on Wigan

Council, said: "I am, quite frankly, shocked. They talk about this being an example of cultural diversity but as far as I am concerned this is nothing more than pornography.

"I don't think this is appropriate. We should be looking to attract families into Wigan, not weirdos."

But Helen Hewitt, a director of Fetish Rocks, said: "The fetish community might appear weird and strikingly odd to the non-scene outsider and faces the same hostility and bigotry that has plagued the gay community.

"If it is weird, it is weird as in preternatural, extraordinary, surpassing the normal or usual.

"Coun Winstanley will find that a 'weird pound' is as good as a 'pink pound' and it matters not whether it comes from a wallet made of leather or a wallet made of latex."

The show is for adults only and entrance is free to the public pending application to the guest list.

She added: "There will be dancers on the night and guest DJ."