Firefighters rescue PARROT from house blaze

The scene of the house fire
The scene of the house fire
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A PET parrot was rescued by firefighters following a blaze at a Wigan family home.

Crews from Wigan and Hindley’s fire stations were called to Bluebell Avenue in Beech Hill at 2.20am on Wednesday, after a tumble dryer caught fire.

The rescued parrot

The rescued parrot

The owner of the house smelt smoke and alerted the rest of her family, which included four children, and they all fled the house.

Their pet dog also escaped, but a parrot was trapped inside.

Crews, using breathing apparatus, rescued the bird who is now being cared for by a neighbour.

The blaze destroyed the kitchen and caused heavy smoke damage to the downstairs rooms.

Crew manager Jim Clitheroe said: “Leaving electrical items on overnight is dangerous. We urge you to switch off all items overnight.”