Flood homes firm: ‘We’re doing all we can’

Flood victims who live in flats at Brockhurst Walk, Worsley Mesnes
Flood victims who live in flats at Brockhurst Walk, Worsley Mesnes

A PROPERTY management company has said it is doing “all it can” to support its Wigan customers affected by the Boxing Day floods.

Guinness Partnership issued a statement after some of the residents at Brockhurst Walk, Worsley Mesnes, told the Wigan Evening Post that they were not satisfied with the way the company had responded to the floods.

Several residents, who have been living at a hotel since the deluge forced them out of their homes, complained that the company, which manages the property, was failing to provide adequate information.

Many of the residents, most of which are elderly or suffering health problems, were also unhappy that they were having to return to the flats everyday and wait around in the cold for representatives from the company to turn up.

A spokesman for Guinness Partnership said: “We understand this is a difficult time for everyone. All our customers affected by the floods have been provided with temporary accommodation and our staff have been working with residents to ensure their homes are safe - including gas and electrical checks and delivering additional sandbags.

“We have provided dehumidifiers to those that need them and our staff are onsite to help start the clean-up, we will continue to do all we can to support our customers throughout this period.”

But the residents have struggled to find out whether they will be reimbursed for the cost of running the dehumidifiers as many say they will struggle to afford the extra cost.

Pauline Lowe, 56, who lives in one of the flats with her husband Matthew, said: “I have lived here eight years and this is the fourth time it’s flooded. We used to have an area manager who was very helpful when it flooded but now all we can do is call a customer service line and they can only tell us what they are authorised to.

“Each day we are told to be here for 8am, Monday it was for the gas and electricity, Tuesday for them to bring dehumidifiers and Wednesday for them to bring skips and help clear the flats out.”

Many of the residents do not have contents insurance as the flats are in a high risk flood area, something the newer residents say they were not told when they moved in.

Michael and Brenda Donovan, both 55, moved in 18 months ago and said they had no idea the flat was likely to flood.

Michael said: “We probably wouldn’t have moved here if we had known. The flat was unfurnished so all the carpets and furniture belonged to us and none of it is insured because the area is high risk.

“We have ripped up all the carpets and Wigan Council came and took them away and we are hoping we can dry out the sofa but the kitchen smells because the sewage has got behind the cupboards.”