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AN application to build 250 homes in Standish has been thrown out by Wigan Council.

Developers wanted to build new homes on the former golf course site in the village. But the application was rejected today by councillors on the planning committee who decided there’s already enough new housing planned in the area.

House building in Standish has proved hugely controversial since the government instructed the council to allow for approximately 1,000 new houses in the village. The council opposed that decision but was forced to accept it or lose control of its housing plans.

The planning committee has already granted permission for 1,042 new homes in Standish – meeting the government’s required total and meaning further developments can be refused. The council says the decision shows it is willing to stand up for residents.

Councillor David Molyneux, deputy leader of Wigan Council, said: “This underlines how seriously we’re taking the concerns of residents in Standish who are worried about the level of house building in the area.

“The government – against our wishes – required 1,000 homes should be built in Standish. Although we opposed this, we concluded the best course of action was to adapt to the government’s demands and secure the best deal for Standish – by prioritising affordable housing and payments to fund improvements. Our assessments showed approximately 1,000 could be built in the area – as long as there was infrastructure investment.

“The planning committee has given approval for schemes which could eventually see 1,042 new homes built. Now that those have been approved, although we must judge each application according to planning law, we are in a position to refuse further development if we think it is unsustainable.

“This decision shows Wigan Council is willing to stand up for the people of Standish and vindicates our approach to house building.”

The rejected application was put forward by Persimmon Homes and Morris Homes who wanted to build 250 homes on land south of Rectory Lane. The planning committee agreed with council officers who recommended the application should be refused.

That decision was reached as it was deemed there were insufficient grounds to increase the planned number of new homes beyond the 1,000 put forward by the government. It was also found the impact on traffic in the area would be too severe and couldn’t be addressed in infrastructure improvements in place as part of the other applications.