Householders urged to heed CO warnings

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WIGAN residents are being advised to have their fossil fuel and wood burning appliances – such as boilers, heaters and cookers – checked by an appropriately registered engineer before winter sets in.

The alert was issued by Public Health England as Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week got under way.

There are about 30 accidental deaths a year from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning in England and Wales. It is difficult to detect because you can’t see, smell or taste it, and it often comes from faulty gas and fossil fuel appliances and/or rooms and chimneys that are not properly ventilated.

Dr Sotiris Vardoulakis, Head of Environmental Change at PHE’s Centre for Radiation, Chemical and Environmental Hazards said: “Many of these deaths take place between November and February due to faulty fossil fuel and wood burning appliances leaking this lethal gas.

“ To lower the risk, we recommend that people should ensure that their fossil fuel and wood-burning appliances are regularly checked by an appropriately registered engineer. In addition, people should fit an audible CO alarm which meets European Standards EN 50291 in each room containing an appliance and ensure rooms are adequately ventilated.”