Kye Hughes dog attack investigation continues

Andrew Young
Andrew Young
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TWO people - Andrew Young and Jane Anglesea - have been bailed until September 14 after being detained by police on suspicion of possessing a dog dangerously out of control.

Monday’s mauling left young Kye Hughes with serious injuries, including a fractured skull.

Jane Anglesea

Jane Anglesea

It’s believed Kye was playing at his friend’s house on a trampoline just before 4pm when another child opened the door to the house and the American Bulldog shot out.

Brave Kye has made good progress since the incident and was said to be back to his old self within 24 hours.

His father, Scott Hughes, yesterday told a national newspaper: “There’s a massive scar on his head that’s bandaged up.

“He was back on his feet at about 3pm today and he’s laughing and acting like he’s back to his normal self again.

“Obviously we don’t know exactly what happened but I think the dog has been let out of the house by accident and gone for him. But he’s doing okay.”