How could they steal from her?

Amelia Morris and below with mum Whitney and family member Sarah Brodie

Amelia Morris and below with mum Whitney and family member Sarah Brodie

A WIGAN mum has been left distraught after money raised to send her dying daughter on a Christmas treat was stolen.

Whitney Morris organised a fund-raiser at St Cuthbert’s Social Club, in Norley Hall, to help send 21-month-old Amelia, who has a terminal illness, to Lapland.

But some of the money has gone missing – and the 20-year-old has very strong suspicions about who has pocketed the cash. Little Amelia was diagnosed with Tay-Sach’s disease and her distraught parents told by doctors she does not have long to live.

Whitney said: “We raised more than £800 altogether, which we were really pleased about.

“But we also did an auction and we calculated that amounted to more than £250. But only £165 was given back to us.

“It is not that much, but it was for my daughter.

“I am really upset. I don’t know how anyone could steal from a child with a disability. Everyone is really shocked. I just feel sick about it.”

Whitney, who has another daughter, nine-month-old Emily with husband Jonathan, has reported the theft to police, who have confirmed they are now investigating.

As part of the fund-raiser, Whitney shaved her hair off in support of Amelia, whose rare, genetic disorder causes progressive damage to her nervous system.

Doctors have said that Amelia has around 15 months left.

Amelia added: “The amount of support we have had is amazing.

“And also, young children have shown their support. My 12-year-old cousin Anthony Brodie helped raise money and Hallie Wane, eight, was a young girl who sold her toys and made loom bands to sell.

“Lexi-Jo Barnes, seven, helped on Amelia’s event buy doing the tombola stall. It was just incredible.

“I wanted to shave my head in support of Amelia, especially as she is starting to lose hers. I get a few funny looks, but I know I have done the right thing for my daughter.

“I just want to give my daughter the best experience I can.”

“Her disease is progressive and she will eventually lose her eyesight and hearing. She is in and out of hospital – both Wigan Infirmary and Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. She can’t really do anything physical – she is like a newborn.”

The hair will also be donated to The Little Princess Trust to make wigs for children with cancer.

Any money left over from the Lapland trip will go towards CATS-- Cure and Action for Tay-Sachs.

Family friend, Sarah Brodie, 49, is also shaving her hair at The Club, in Haydock, on Saturday August 30.

Community fund-raiser Mark Price is organising a celebrity football match at Little Daisy Stadium, in Bolton, on August 31. Tickets are £3.

If anyone would like to donate visit pages/Amelias-Dream-Comes-True




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