Waste left to rot for a year in garden

The mess in the garden nextdoor to Scott Marshall and his family

The mess in the garden nextdoor to Scott Marshall and his family

A WIGAN father has lashed out at Wigan Council after rubbish including used nappies was left rotting for over a year in the garden of an abandoned house next door.

Scott Marshall, of Broom Road in Worsley Hall claims that despite contacting the authority to take action it had refused.

Mr Marshall, who lives with his fiancée and two-year-old daughter, first complained to the authority over a year ago when the adjoining semi-detached house was occupied.

But nothing ever happened and the mounds of rubbish that the 26-year-old says was just dumped into the garden has been left to fester since they moved out, creating a disgusting stench.

“The neighbours pretty much demolished the house with rubbish,” said Mr Marshall. “We reported it to the council over a year ago and they have done absolutely nothing. The neighbours have since moved out and when I asked if the council would replace a fence panel that they broke they said they wouldn’t.

“When the sun comes out it absolutely stinks.”

Mr Marshall says that the reason the fence broke was a disposed sofa had been lent against it.

The council has since removed the sofa but done nothing about the mess or fence.

“We had a dog that when we let it out, just kept going through the gap in the fence and bringing back these dirty nappies,” added Mr Marshall.

“The garden is fully overgrown too. My little girl, Lilly, can’t go out in the garden to play on her trampoline because of the smell it’s giving off.”

As a result of further complaints, council bosses have now pledged to clean the mess.

Janice Barton, chief executive of Wigan and Leigh Housing, said: “We are aware of Mr Marshall’s complaints and have been dealing with him directly over the issues raised.

“Staff had worked with the previous tenant next door to clean the garden but unfortunately it has deteriorated once again.

“Now that the property is empty we will be clearing the garden.”




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