Yobs drowned dog in pond

The dog which was dumped in a pond off Lower Leigh Road with a sandbag tied around its neck

The dog which was dumped in a pond off Lower Leigh Road with a sandbag tied around its neck

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THE RSPCA is desperately seeking information about the heartless yobs who left a dog to drown in a pond with a sandbag tied around its neck.

The two-year-old male brown dog, which is believed to be a rottweiler and Staffordshire-type cross, was pulled from a fishing lake between Leigh and Atherton by RSPCA inspectors.

The dog died in the lake after the cruel individuals responsible tied a black sandbag weighing around 20kg around the animal’s neck using a red and blue lead and left it in the water.

The incident occurred at the two fishing lodges near a patch of waste ground off Lower Leigh Road on October 30 last year, and investigators are now urgently seeking the help of anyone who may recognise the picture of the dog or have been in the area around the fishing lakes at the time.

An RSPCA spokesman said: “This is a horrendous way for an animal to die and an extremely upsetting case.

“We are trying to piece together the last known movements and whereabouts of this tragic young dog.

“Tests have shown this poor animal was alive when he met his fate.

“We urgently seek information to explain how and why this dog met such a horrific death, and hope to receive information which will enable our investigation to proceed.”

The cruel incident came to light after the animal was spotted in the water by a dog walker who alerted the authorities.

The RSPCA believes the dog could have been in the lake for up to 24 hours before its body was pulled out.

Anyone with information about this incident should contact Inspector Brooks at the RSPCA on 01300 123499.

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