Motorway con artists warning

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POLICE are warning motorists to beware of con artists who flag drivers down, pretending to have run out of fuel.

The scam - which police believe is being carried out by Eastern European migrants - involves them trying to sell fake jewellery in exchange for cash to buy petrol.

The North West Motorway Police sent out several warnings on Twitter yesterday after reports of the con artists setting up several times on the M6 near Wigan and also on the M56.

Supt Andy Mitchell said: “There have not been any reports of the men operating this scam using violence but they can be intimidating.

“We ask motorists to be wary of anyone flagging them down under suspicious circumstances not to stop and to report any similar incidents to police.”

Police say in reported cases, motorists have been flagged down by men, often with women and children from a supposedly broken down car and have been coming up with various excuses to pull at the heart strings of good Samaritans.

They are usually trying to get to a destination and have run out of petrol.

They tend to offer jewellery in exchange for cash and promise to return the money giving bogus contact details. The jewellery is often worthless and the victims will never get their money back.

Anyone who believes they have been a victim or sees anyone acting suspiciously, should contact 101, or 999 in an emergency or where there is a crime in progress.