Mr Monopoly says cheese!

A Wigan graphic designer has come up with a cracker of an idea for the world's most popular board game.

Kevin Whitter has replaced famous addresses with British cheeses in his novel and tasty twist on Monopoly.

And with major players in the cheese-making industry approaching the game's manufacturers with the 28-year-old's proposals, the possibilities of this "delicious" take on a parlour classic are endless.

In recent years there has been a rash of new Monopoly versions based on towns and cities across Britain, with Wigan among them.

In a bid to further widen its appeal, makers Hasbro have also produced all manner of cult versions based on film and TV hits such as The Simpsons and Star Wars. One based on chocolates has also appeared.

But Kevin's variation has got the creative juices flowing again.

His passion for cheese was already a running joke in his family before he set out on this latest twist to Monopoly.

Now the British Cheese Board believes that squares named Wensleydale and Sage Derby could be as magic as the Springfield Country Club in attracting a new audience.

Kevin, who was raised in Swinley but now lives with his wife Natasha in Tytherington, Manchester, said: "The board features 22 of Britain's most loved cheeses and it was really difficult to decide positions for them all.

"For me, Creamy Blue Stilton had to take Mayfair's top spot with its regal status, beautiful taste and connections with Christmas."

But after the British Cheese Board and Stilton Cheese Makers'

Association (SCMA) saw pictures of the game, officials realised they

might have a best seller on their hands.

They have now approached Hasbro about putting Kevin's idea on the market while also boosting the British cheese industry in the face of foreign competition.

Former Standish High School pupil Kevin said: "It started out as a bit of fun – something unusual for the family to play over the holidays.

"But it has now moved up to an entirely new level after Natasha went and told the British Cheese Board and the SCMA about it. They have

approached Hasbro who have apparently shown an interest in the idea."

He stuck to the original design of Monopoly by not including any pictures of the cheeses on the squares, but simply matching them with the coloured squares.

Because Wensleydale is often prepared with cranberries, it got one of the red squares usually occupied by The Strand.

Elsewhere, the famous names of London have been replaced with Cheddar, Cheshire and Stilton, while cottage cheese is allocated to the Old Kent Road.

Nigel White, secretary of the SCMA, said the board illustrated Britain's love affair with quality cheese and was something the industry was extremely proud of.

"With so many continental cheeses imported into Britain, the Monopoly Cheese Board acts as an excellent reminder of all the fantastic cheeses produced by the British Isles," he added.

"Our main challenge was selecting the 22 cheeses on the board from the 700 plus now being made in the UK."

The cheese industry is now campaigning for Hasbro to put the board into production, he added.