New police powers to crackdown on yobs

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POLICE are set to introduce no go zones in Pemberton to try and curb a rise in anti social behaviour.

Pemberton and Redwood Park have seen an increase in anti-social behaviour (ASB), increasing from two to 20 cases in only two weeks last December.

Greater Manchester Police and Wigan Council have been granted a Section 30 Dispersal Order covering Pemberton town centre and Redwood Park from February 7 to August 7 this year following a rapid increase in complaints.

Police in the area now have increased powers and anyone displaying ASB can be moved on or can face a heavy fine and even imprisonment.

ASB in and around Pemberton Town Centre had a massive impact on both the residents and businesses alike.

The introduction of the last Section 30 order in Pemberton had such an impact, ASB virtually ceased.

This shows that the Section 30 Disposal Order is a useful tool to regulate and stop ASB in affected areas.

Police chiefs sa the implementation of a new Section 30 Order will greatly increase their ability to manage large groups of youths causing ASB in and around Pemberton Town Centre.

They also say CCTV has been utilised to identify offenders, and with continued monitoring when the Section 30 is in force, it will assist in identifying offenders and support any prosecutions if necessary.

Councillor Kevin Anderson, Wigan Council cabinet member for safer communities, said: “It is important that people feel safe in their own homes and communities. Wigan Council will not tolerate behaviour which intimidates borough residents and will help Greater Manchester Police in their endeavours to cut anti-social behaviour. These new powers will protect people who feel vulnerable and create a safer and happier community.”

An area of Woodhouse Lane, close to the food market Farmfoods, will also have a Section 30 Dispersal Order placed on it.

The order will run from the same date as Pemberton Town Centre and is the result of a Police search on the area over the last six months which found that there have been 42 ASB related calls in the above area during the search period.

Superintendent Andrea Jones from Greater Manchester Police, said: “Dispersal Orders are used in a number of areas in Wigan and are successfully decreasing levels of anti-social behaviour.

“The order will only be used against youths and groups of people who are involved in, or are likely to be involved in, antisocial behaviour, and is just one of a number of measures being taken to address this issue.”

To report anti-social behaviour in your area please contact Greater Manchester Police on 101.