Odd-shaped UFO spotted

Another weird-looking UFO has been spotted in the skies above Wigan.

The day before the Wigan Reporter printed details of a mysterious object seen hovering near junction 27 of the M6 in Shevington Moor last month, another UFO was spotted by a number of people in Ashton-in-Makerfield.

John Jones, from Ashton, was not aware of the story in the Reporter when he made his sighting, but felt compelled to come forward when he read about it the very next morning.

John takes up the story: "It was about 7.30pm on Friday night (August 29) and I was looking up at the sky when I saw it.

"It was a slightly overcast evening and the clouds were grey when I saw six very dark objects in very close formation.

"They were like rubber balls and they were very close together in a circle.

"My son was with me and we both had a look through our binoculars. The objects were turning towards the Downhall Green area and were in sight for a good five minutes below the line of the clouds.

"They were very slow-moving but it definitely wasn't balloons and after

observing them for some time they just seemed to vanish from sight."

The next morning John saw our report of the Shevington UFO and couldn't

believe his eyes. "I showed some people the picture in the paper and said that I had seen something similar the night before," he added.

John thinks the strange object could have been an unmanned surveillance drone of some sort and is convinced it wasn't a plane or a helicopter.

"It wasn't just myself and my son that saw the object – my son pointed it out to some of our neighbours as well and they agreed it was very strange. It didn't wobble at all, it just flew silently and slowly across the sky."

In a separate incident, a man from Billinge e-mailed the Reporter on the subject of UFOs.

His email read: "Did anyone else see the unusual flaming object in the sky over Billinge/Orrell at 9.35pm tonight? (Sunday, August 31).

"It travelled in from the south west low in the sky, below cloud level, moved east slowly then picked up speed rising in the sky to the south east gathering speed until it disappeared.

"Three of us saw this, we thought at first it was a balloon using the flame, but obviously it was not!"

Have you seen a UFO in the skies above Wigan? Email us by clicking here newsroom@lancspublications.co.uk and let us know.