Officers confiscate clothing

Suspected counterfeit clothing has been seized from a Wigan shop.

Trading standards officers raided JB & A Williams Newsagents in Borsdane Avenue, Hindley, following a tip off.

The Evening Post understands from a member of the public that an allegation has been made that fake clothing was being sold from a back room in the shop.

Wigan Trading Standards says it has recently received a number of complaints about various shops in Wigan in relation to inferior and illegally copied goods being on sale to the public.

As a result officers have carried out a number of inspections at local businesses suspected of selling counterfeit goods.

To date most of the property seized has been sportswear and, in particular, tracksuits and trainers.

Chief trading standards officer Julie Middlehurst said: "We receive complaints of this type on a regular basis. Whenever we receive a complaint about shops selling counterfeit goods we will visit the shop and if we suspect items are counterfeit we will take them away.

"A small number of items were taken away from this newsagents. We have suspicions that they may not be genuine. The items have been sent off to the various trademark owners for them to confirm whether or not they are fake.

"We are doing seizures of this type on a regular basis.

"Recently we have seen an increase in the amount of counterfeit goods being offered for sale in the Wigan and Leigh areas.

"We have responded by visiting any business suspected of selling these goods and seizing them. We have seen an awful lot of fake Nike trainers turning up.

"I am particularly concerned that as we approach Christmas parents might be tempted to purchase what might appear a bargain, only to discover that the goods are of poor or shoddy quality and they have no way of getting their money back.

"Even worse, their children will probably be able to tell straight away that the goods are just a cheap counterfeit copy."

No-one from Williams Newsagents was available for comment.