CHARLES GRAHAM - Arrogant MP should quit post

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CHIEF Whip Andrew Mitchell should have done the decent thing by now and resigned.

Sadly, like many other ministers of the recent past who disgrace their office, he is clinging on limpet-like in the hope that the whole thing will blow over.

As commentators have pointed out in the last couple of days it is often the denials afterwards that finally do for politicians rather than the original incident. But for the time being he stays put.

For me Mitchell demonstrated the highly unprofessional lack of control and supreme pomposity of someone who is full of himself after just being promoted in the cabinet reshuffle.

Chief whips have to be tough nuts and perhaps even have a propensity to bully as part of their jobs.

But that kind of behaviour, even if it is grudgingly accepted as a parliamentary way of life, certainly isn’t anywhere else and especially not when addressing authority figures like the police.

It’s not as if it was over anything particularly controversial or significant - simply the MP being asked to use a side gate rather than the main barrier at the end of Downing Street.

The recent Manchester murders and the fact that one of Mitchell’s verbal assault victims was a female officer deepens the shame but doesn’t make it any less excusable if it had been a male officer he had insulted and the murders hadn’t taken place. What a pleb.