CHARLES GRAHAM - Braving the belly-busting meal

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IT is part of the job that journalism sometimes carries an element of risk.

After all some people you want to question or photograph would, for a variety of reasons, rather you didn’t and have been known to get pretty hostile about it.

But I must take my hat off this week to friend and colleague Richard Bean for unswervingly going the extra mile.

He bravely took on a plate of food served by pub chain Wetherspoon’s that has been dubbed Britain’s unhealthiest dish.

The £10.79 platter of gammon, steak, sausages, pork, lamb, egg and chips contains a waistband-loosening 1,940 calories per serving. That’s 97 per cent of what’s recommended for a woman in an entire day, and 77 per cent of a man’s suggested daily intake.

It also has more than double the guideline daily amount of saturated fat, 168 per cent of the fat and 103 per cent of the salt.

Now I like a good feed as much as the next man, but this looks like the meal to poleaxe anyone.

The dish was singled out as part of a national anti-obesity campaign and yours truly could benefit from shedding a few pounds too.

But the most astonishing thing is that Richard, who is Wigan’s leading takeaway connoisseur, never seems to get any larger. Lucky swine.