CHARLES GRAHAM - Regrettable lapse

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PURE luck that Prince Harry (right) got a reputation boost this week from a long-ago-filmed documentary about his support for disabled soldiers conquering Everest.

He certainly needed it after becoming the latest Royal to suffer from Second Heir Syndrome. Like Margaret and Andrew before him, Harry is the latest Windsor in hot water over his partying. In this rather more unbuttoned era, most folk have forgiven him, saying his strip pool high-jinks are just harmless fun.

I’m not sure the Queen sees it that way, having only recently given him the honour of representing her at the Olympics. Nor indeed his girlfriend Cressida Bonas, who has since dumped him.

Yes, it is much less of a scandal than it once would have been. But Harry will probably now admit that such horseplay, even among people he wrongly thought he could trust, was not his wisest choice of entertainment.

A re-posting to Afghanistan probably can’t come soon enough for the beleaguered prince.