COMMENT - Justice needs to be done now

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DESPITE victims of horrific crimes being at the forefront of our minds, gaining the sympathy and empathy of others, there are times that they do feel ignored by the people that matter the most.

All they want is justice,

It cannot change the crime, It cannot bring a loved one back, or erase the past.

But it can go some way to help the victim recover and move forward.

So a campaign to push the rights of those affected by crime would certainly be a step in the right direction.

Trevor Fairhurst has lost his daughter.

But what is hard to swallow is the fact that if justice was done, her killer would never have been free to do so, as he would he remained behind bars,

All he wants to do is to make sure that those convicted of murder or manslaughter are not released too early and able to commit further atrocities.

He wants victims and families to have their say and feel counted. If his work can save just one family from going through what he has, it is certainly going the right way.