Comment - Pubs do still have a place

THE pub world is certainly in a state of ferment at the moment.

But thankfully there are some in the industry who are now seeing green shoots within all this heart-felt gloom.

There’s Wigan’s award-winning All Gates Brewery for a start.

And, selling the vast majority of their product through their own estate of half a dozen pubs, they are certainly at the sharp end of any real change in social trends.

All Gates believes that the worst is now behind us, in terms of the sheer depressing scale of pub closures.

And a natural shake-up has now taken place which has stripped out badly run boozers – the majority of which have long been on borrowed time – from the business.

They say that there will always be a place for a paying pub, which puts customer service and pride in the quality product at the forefront of its operation.

And just maybe, the big operators can take a sobering lesson from small but vital brewers like Wigan’s own, whose sole focus isn’t about chasing clearly unrealistically high return on each pint. And who still clearly believe that pubs have a place in our hearts and wallets.