THE COLONEL - Slim people need to get fit as well

SARAH, 23, says: I see on TV and read in magazines all the time that exercise is vital when it comes to keeping slim. I’m happy with my body, so I don’t see why I should waste money on going to the gym. My friends keep trying to tell me I’m wrong. Do I still need to exercise?

The Colonel sais: Sarah, I’m afraid your friends are right.

I’m sorry to say you couldn’t be more wrong in thinking exercise is purely a tool for keeping slim, it’s a necessity!

Yes, if you are overweight of course it is vital to exercise to burn calories, but even if like you, you are happy with your body, you need to exercise to stay healthy and help prevent illness and diseases in later life.

So don’t think of going to the gym as wasting money, think of it as an investment!

Most importantly, exercise keeps your organs healthy. Exercising your lungs with cardio activity such as running or cycling will strengthen them and reduce breathlessness.

So if you get out of breath when you run at the moment, do it some more!

Exercising also helps to prevent fatty liver diseases and keeps your liver functioning properly.

Another importance of exercise is that it will reduce your blood pressure, if you’re slim you probably won’t need to worry about having high blood pressure, but its still a good idea to maintain blood pressure levels.

Lastly, exercise makes you happy, so why avoid that?

After exercise, the brain releases endorphins from your pituitary gland, leaving you feeling revitalised, and, in a word, happy!

So even if only a couple of times a week, it’s still important to keep the blood pumping around your body and keep fit and healthy through exercise!