You've been tRicked

"CLICK on the link to see hot naked babes/hunks" (whichever is your preference, The Goss is not sexist, or homophobic).

You've doubtless received countless of e-mails like this one or maybe read loads of similar posts on internet forums.

Most of the time, you delete it, or don't even take a second glance.

But those curious/randy people who want to take a cheeky peek, have been getting something of a shock.

Instead of the "hot stuff" they're promised, they're being diverted to video hosting site YouTube.

More specifically the link goes to Rick Astley's video to Never Gonna Give You Up.

Rick Rolling is the internet phenomenon of the year so far and has sparked a massive resurgence of interest in the Newton-le-Willows crooner.

The video has so far had more than a million hits and a website has even been set up in honour of the craze,

But the Astley backlash is beginning. Many internet forum users are beginning to tire of the prank, expecting to see the latest cool website, and instead getting Stock Aitken and Waterman's former tea boy from Newton-le-Willows.

It's even got its own definition in the online urban dictionary.

Here's what Rick's official website has to say on the matter: "Many users are complaining about it in forums whilst thousands of others are taking the time to come to this website to check out what Rick is up to.

"We have seen a major increase in the number of hits the website is getting and have received numerous inquiries as to whether Rick could perform here, there and everywhere."

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