Pensioner’s bathroom nightmare

Dorothy Waite
Dorothy Waite
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A FURIOUS Wigan man has hit out at builders after his elderly mother was left without a functioning bathroom for more than a fortnight.

Stephen Waite said builders contracted by Arena Housing to re-fit the bathroom at his mother Dorothy’s property had worked so slowly the upheaval and stress had reduced her to tears.

Mrs Waite, 80, was initially told by the housing association that work on her flat at Nightingale Court, on Sillitoe Drive, would take around three or four days to complete.

However, Stephen said builders had only been visiting the flat for a couple of hours a day, leaving them with a lengthy list of jobs still to do to finish the project after a fortnight’s labour, including crucial wiring and plumbing work on the new units.

He also complained that the workmen had altered the heating system in the flat without telling Mrs Waite what they had done or putting it back to its initial setting.

Stephen, 50, said: “The workmen just seem to turn up, do a couple of hours and then are not seen for the rest of the day. I went last week and I was shocked at the state of the place, it was upside down.

“Rather than doing one or two flats and getting them finished they seem to be doing a bit in lots of flats and working on each one for an hour here and an hour there.

“Taking so long to do a job like this on a small bathroom, they should be ashamed of themselves. They also say they’ve had people off sick but they should ring an agency because there’s loads of lads in Wigan looking for work.

“One of the workmen had obviously got warm in the bathroom too so he just switched the heating off. The timer is now been about six or seven hours behind and my mum hasn’t known what to do to sort it, so it’s been coming on in the middle of the night while it’s been really cold.

“Someone from Arena came to look at it recently and told my mother that it’s taking shape now. I find their attitude absolutely ridiculous, it should have been taking shape after two days not nearly two weeks.

“Last time I spoke to my mum about it she said she’s had enough of all the drilling, hammering and banging and she started crying.

“By the time it’s finished it’s likely to have been nearly three weeks that she hasn’t had a bathroom and that’s just unacceptable.”

Arena Housing was approached for comment but had declined to reply at the time of going to press.