Raider is caught on camera

The Gold's ice cream intruder
The Gold's ice cream intruder
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A brazen intruder is caught on camera breaking into a Wigan ice cream parlour.

Gold’s in Whelley now faces a repair bill of more than £5,000 after the burglar tried to break into the store by tearing off roof tiles at 12.50am on Monday April 11.

Initially bosses Simon Hunter and Laura Spaine thought the damage had been caused by the weather.

But it was only when they viewed CCTV footage from the night in question that they realised there was a more sinister cause and so the video was posted on Facebook in a bid to identify the culprit.

Mr Hunter said: “We first thought that the wind had blown the tiles off.

“We called someone out the next day, and he told us it was not weather damage at all.

“The plasterboard is wet throughout the whole office upstairs, and it’s looking like it will all need replacing.”

The parlour, which sells homemade ice cream made with local ingredients, has only been open for 10 months.

Greater Manchester Police are investigating the incident, while the store has received plenty of help from customers in offering names identifying the man.

Mr Hunter said: “Our video has been shared and had over 2,600 views on Facebook, and people have tried to help find him. There has been a recent increase in burglaries in the area, and the man could be the root cause of this.”

Any witnesses should contact Greater Manchester Police on 101, quoting incident number 1177 for April 14.