Reality show axed after footage is lost

Cast and crew of Grim Up North in King Street for the auditions at Bliss and Groove
Cast and crew of Grim Up North in King Street for the auditions at Bliss and Groove
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A REALITY show which was set to portray the lives of Wiganers has been axed after recorded footage was lost.

Grim Up North producers were left baffled after the audio and video went missing back in May.

As a result, they were forced to part with their production company and now have decided not to proceed with the programme.

The idea for the show was conceived last year. Local company Big Features decided they wanted a reality show to show off Wigan life.

Although it would take a similar format to the likes of The Only Way Is Essex, producers were adamant it would be a more accurate representation of Wigan with the show’s title being strictly tongue-in-cheek.

This has all come to an end though and Jon Cooper from Big Features spoke of his disappointment at the decision.

He said: “We started filming in January through to April 13 but unfortunately had to part with our production company in May after a substantial amount of both audio and video footage had been lost and despite best efforts has still not been found – which in this day and age is unheard of.

“Unfortunately, due to the loss of contract with our broadcaster due to this factor, plus the resource, time and revenue lost on this project we have decided not to follow on and re-film what we have lost.

“Big Features would like to thank everybody involved with Grim Up North over the last 12 months.”

Producers held castings and assembled 20 characters they were planning to film earlier this year. One of the venues they were hoping to shoot at was the now defunct Bliss and Groove nightclubs on King Street.

Jon added: “The recruitment campaign was an immediate success and over 2,000 people of all ages and backgrounds applied to be cast members on our show.

“Throughout November and January we held audition dates for over 200 people to which we finalised this to the final 20 who would be filmed, with a final seven making the final edit. The selected 20 cast consisted of a diverse cast such as a club manager, scrap merchant, unemployed highly graded musician, bouncer, dancer, models and everything in between which would have made our borough proud.”

Big Features is still keen on showing off Wigan life and has had a big part to play in the revitalisation of the iWiganese mobile app.

“Grim Up North was to become the first TV show to use ‘Augmented Reality’ to enable the viewer to see backstage footage and interviews via their smartphones whilst the credits were rolling, which we have showcased in our free ‘Wigan Vision Tour’ that is currently available through the iWiganese mobile app,” said Jon.

“You can check this out for free in the town centre or via”