Sex beast freedom bid fails

Philip Brindle
Philip Brindle
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A PERVERT who drugged and sexually assaulted a string of vulnerable young Wigan women after setting up a fake model agency has failed in an appeal against his life sentence.

Philip Brindle, 55, was living in Wigan during the 1990s when he preyed on “naive” young girls by promising them modelling deals and befriending them before he and his wife used them as sexual playthings.

Brindle’s method was to administer a “cocktail of drink and drugs” to the girls, rendering them unconscious, whereupon he and his wife – who is now dead – would sexually abuse them, with Brindle filming what happened.

Brindle, who had moved to Truro at the time of his arrest, was brought to justice after videotapes of the sex attacks he had kept for two decades were uncovered in a Cornish shed and shown to the police.

He was jailed for life, with a minimum of 11 years to serve, at Liverpool Crown Court on October 22 this year, having been convicted of two counts of rape and six of indecent assault.

He appealed against that sentence before Lord Justice Gross, Mr Justice Openshaw and Judge John Milford QC, sitting at London’s Criminal Appeal Court.

The court heard that, while four of the girls preyed upon by Brindle and his wife were traced by the police after viewing the video footage, others who suffered abuse could not be tracked down.

Brindle’s lawyers today argued that he had been treated too harshly and ought not to have been given a life sentence.

It was said that, because there was no evidence he had offended over the last two decades, it could not be concluded that he still posed a danger to women for an indefinite period.

But citing the “horror and depravity of the acts” the couple committed and Brindle’s “sexual deviancy, wish to control and lack of victim empathy,” Mr Justice Openshaw refused the appeal.

He said that a stash of “unpleasant pornography” found recently in Brindle’s possession, involving young girls being drugged and abused, showed that “his perversions are deeply entrenched and demonstrate a continued deviancy”.

The judge also refused an application to appeal against conviction, and a challenge to the minimum term attached to the life sentence. He concluded: “This life sentence is upheld.”