Stabbed girl’s mum’s anguish

Lawrence Wood
Lawrence Wood
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THE mother of a 12-year-old Wigan schoolgirl stabbed twice in the back while she played has spoken for the first time of how the attack devastated their family.

She spoke of how her once happy-go-lucky and confident daughter is now a shadow of her former self who has been bullied and won’t leave the house following the incident which happened on Stranraer Road, Marsh Green, in February this year. The girl had to have emergency surgery following the broad daylight attack, which punctured her lung.

Lawrence Wood, 31, of Lincoln Place, Marsh Green, was sentenced to life in prison for attempted murder and was told he would serve a minimum term of 15 years behind bars.

Speaking exclusively to the Wigan Evening Post, the girl’s mother said that her family’s life has been “turned upside down” and that she fears for her children’s future.

The woman, who does not wish to be identified, said: “My daughter has recovered physically but the mental and emotional effects are heart-breaking for us.

“She used to be such a free spirit, who enjoyed playing out and visiting friends, but now she barely leaves the house.

“She is scared to do anything and it isn’t helped by the fact that she often gets bullied at school, with children making stab actions at her and calling her a ‘stab victim’ and other things.

“It has also affected my young son too, whose behaviour has got worse since that day and he can be very violent.”

Liverpool Crown Court heard that Wood wanted to know what it felt like to kill someone and later told police he had been surprised how easily the knife blade went all the way into her back, “like slicing butter.”

“He said that it made him feel good and so he did it again at a different part of her back,” said Mark Ainsworth, prosecuting.

Judge Roberts told Wood, who showed no emotion, that he must serve 15 years before he can apply for parole but warned him that he may never be released.

The girl’s mother said that while both her children are receiving counselling from Victim Support, the girl’s school has not offered her any help, which she believes is hampering any progress.

She said: “She doesn’t want to go to school as she is scared of the bullies and the school has not offered her any counselling or anything like that.

“I worry about her education but I think it is stopping her from coming to terms with that awful day.

“We all just want it to be how we all were before that horrible day, but I don’t know if we ever will be as a family.”