UFOs come out on Halloween

Halloween is a night for ghosts and ghouls – not aliens! But a Wigan man was spooked by a close encounter of the UFO kind, rather than a haunting, as the clock ticked towards midnight on Saturday.

Ian Latto was out in his garden in Hodnet Drive, Ashton, at 11.45pm when he spotted 12 strange objects in the sky.

Ian, 53, said: "At first I thought they were light aircraft, but they were travelling much faster than that, they were too close together, there were too many of them and they were flying too low under the clouds. They stopped over Ashton and then turned suddenly and went off in different directions, but quite quickly.

"It was as if they had been heading for a certain point before splitting up. The whole thing only lasted two or three minutes."

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Wigan has become something of a hot spot for unexplained phenomena in recent months, with six separate UFO or possible alien sightings this year alone. Ian's experience makes it seven.

Three separate Wigan Evening Post readers have captured their sightings on video, the latest is Adrian De Havilland, who spotted six glowing lights in the sky while visiting relatives in Up Holland in July.

And in October a Wigan mum spotted lights in the sky over Standish as

she drove home.

Ian is not sure what it was he saw, but he is adamant he saw something unusual.

He places the objects, from where he was looking north, over Ashton and Platt Bridge.

Although Ian tried to capture the objects on camera, the picture did not come out and the objects had disappeared by the time he had alerted his neighbours.

Ian said: "If you saw one light in the sky you would think it was something and nothing, but there 12 of these things. I didn't believe in UFOs until I saw this but now I'm not sure – I was sober as well!"