Wiganers react to festive flooding misery

Car park next to DW Stadium
Car park next to DW Stadium
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WIGANERS have taken to social media to offer their views and advice as heavy rain and flooding issues batter the borough on Boxing Day.

Few areas appear to have escaped unscathed as rivers and canals burst their banks and drains are unable to hold the huge amounts of water pouring into them.

Water wells up from the drains at the Scot Lane and Marsh Green junction

Water wells up from the drains at the Scot Lane and Marsh Green junction

Residents have been posting pictures and keeping others updated about the situation in their areas, though some also attacked the authorities for failing to do more to keep drains clear and put effective flood prevention measures in place.

As well as areas such as Springfield, Standish Lower Ground, Appley Bridge and Orrell which have been among the hardest hit, Wiganers have been describing and photographing flooding problems in areas including Landgate, Aspull, Scholes and Kitt Green.

Here is a selection of the comments left on the Wigan Today Facebook page.

Jenny Braham wrote: “Bottom of red rock hill roundabout was under water at 8am had turn round go new springs way to haigh hall was a river on all roads to hall.”

A flooded Back Lane, Appley Bridge

A flooded Back Lane, Appley Bridge

Gaz Parkinson said: “It’s been heavy rain, but every time it rains heavily the Dougy bursts its banks near Asda and there is complete chaos. Maybe more money should have been put into flood prevention rather than removing the roundabout at Marus Bridge.”

Rebecca Nicholls said: “Spring Road is flooded by Heinz, completely covering the road and footpath.”

Anne Humphreys wrote: “Neighbours currently clearing a culvert in Appley Bridge to stop further flooding. Emergency services helping too. Where are the people who designed the new and improved culvert system to prevent flooding?? At home with their families! Thank God for neighbourhood spirit!”

However, despite pictures showing some gardens and drives under up to a foot of water some Wiganers were also determined to remember the borough’s problems are not the worst flooding issues being faced in the country this year.

Vanessa Haydock said: “Why are us wiganers moaning about this bit of rain when people in Cumbria have homes there lives wrecked by floods 100 times worse than this?”