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Readers’ letters - January 23

Tax the rich to fund services

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A reader urges all cyclists to make sure their lights are working. See letter

Readers’ letters - January 20

Cyclists – please check your lights

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A reader is concerned about over-development and the long-term future of this country. See letter below

Readers’ letters - January 19

Profit before production

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The House of Lords... or is it the House of Robots as a reader suggests? See letter

Readers’ letters - January 18

STP: Slash, Trash and Privatise

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Tristram Hunt is to stand down as an MP to become director of the V&A museum in London. See letter

Readers’ letters - January 17

The wrong Mr Hunt resigned

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Brownbelt sites such as Parkside Colliery should be considered for development before greenbelt says a reader

Readers’ letters - January 16

Greenbelt is wrong site

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DIY enthusiasts are being warned of the dangers of asbestos. See letter below

Readers’ letters - January 13

We didn’t vote for fake leave

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Help sick and injured working animals across the world by knitting these cute toys. See letter

Readers’ letters - January 12

Make us envy of the world

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These familiar Star Wars robots are friendly   but does todays technology have more sinister implications for the future?

Readers’ letters - January 11

Robots are taking over

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A correspondent writes about the Press Regulation Act, which is being considered by Parliament. See letter

Readers’ letters - January 10

Freedom of Press at risk

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A reader disagrees with a previous correspondent about fox hunting. See letter

Readers’ letters - Janaury 9

Not of this century

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A reader says the last surviving British Dambuster, George Johnny Johnson, should receive a knighthood

Readers’ letters - January 6

Dambuster deserves honour

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Readers’ letters - January 6

Readers’ letters - January 6

No excuse for abuse

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Comedian Sir Ken Dodd deserves his knighthood says a correspondent. See letter

Readers’ letters - January 5

Ken deserves to be a Sir

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Three cubes of sugar   36 calories  isnt going to make your child obese says a correspondent. See letter

Readers’ letters - January 4

Priorities are wrong

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Picture: Jane Coltman

Readers’ letters - January 3

Foxes are vermin

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Victoria Beckham

Readers’ letters - January 2

Awards need overhaul

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A reader asks now Trump is elected, what will happen next with Russia and Putin, pictured?

Readers’ letters - December 23

Keeping an eye on Russia

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

Readers’ letters - December 21

Jeremy Corbyn’s no enemy

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A correspondent talks about the need to tackle homelessness. See letter

Readers’ letters - December 19

Tackling poverty

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