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Readers’ letters - February 24

We need to end ‘tyranny of the Brexit majority’

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When we eat out, how do we know if meat and dairy products are ethically sourced? See letter

Readers’ letters - February 23

A meat eater’s search in becoming more ethical

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Greenpeace is proposing a bottle deposit return scheme in a bid to end plastic bottles polluting the sea

Readers’ letters - February 22

Plastic bottles threaten our seas and marine life

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Health secretary Jeremy Hunt

Readers’ letters - February 21

We’re marching to London to save our health service

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A correspondent responds to criticism from EU supporters

Readers’ letters - February 20

We’ll leave wasteful EU in a fair and civilised manner

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Readers’ letters - February 17

Readers’ letters - February 17

Calling EU referendum was an act of reckless egotism

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Is it ridiculous to call pregnant women pregnant people instead? What do you think?

Readers’ letters - February 10

Demos are tiresome

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Has leaving the EU made bees more vulnerable? See letter 			                                                                         Picture: Ken Cockburn

Readers’ letters - February 9

Protect our bees

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Readers’ letters - February 8

Readers’ letters - February 8

Housing shortage?

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Protesters should be more concerned about Britain and the NHS rather than American politics says a reader. Do you agree?

Readers’ letters - February 7

A difficult ‘divorce’

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We should use social media with more consideration says a reader. See letter

Readers’ letters - February 6

We are all fellow beings

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This week is National Storytelling Week  a correspondent writes in recommending the benefits of fairy tales for children

Readers’ letters - February 3

Benefits of fairy tales

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A correspondent gives his views on the health advice on toasting bread, see letter below

Readers’ letters - February 2

We’ve made our bed now

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Save the NHS demonstration in Wigan town centre

Readers’ letters - February 1

Where’s this £350m?

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Prime Minister Theresa May meets US President Donald Trump by a bust of Sir Winston Churchill in the White House

Readers’ letters - January 31

USA’s ‘Trojan horse in Europe’

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The internet is making us poorer and more unhealthy says a reader. Do you agree?

Readers’ letters - January 30

Bad for health and wealth

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Lets start taking wildlife into consideration when it comes to planning applications says a correspondent

Readers’ letters - January 27

Wildlife on our doorstep

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Meet new people, learn new skills and gain qualifications with youth charity Sea Cadets  see letter below

Readers’ letters - January 26

Have fun – be a Sea Cadet

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A reader says slaughterhouses should have monitored CCTV to protect animals. See letter

Readers’ letters - January 25

CCTV in abattoirs

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Would the Government sell off parts of the NHS to US businesses? See letter

Readers’ letters - January 24

A radical revision

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