Council should fight duck cull

Why have we got such a heartless council in Wigan? I'm referring to the ruddy duck issue, where at the very first council meeting councillors should have vehemently refused to have these ducks slaughtered.

Our Flashes are on council land and Deathra (not Defra) has no legal right to access this land without this council's permission.

These ducks aren't a threat to anyone, they're not carrying or spreading any disease; they're doing what comes naturally and mating with other ducks, the white headed ducks from Spain. Is that such a crime? And for Spain to want us to have our beautiful ruddy ducks shot to please them is a downright insult.

Spain celebrates fiestas with sacrificing wild animals, they have sickening bull fights - what does that say about their country? And what does it say about our councillors who do this with our wildlife?

For once they could have done the decent thing and protected our wildlife, but they couldn't care less. They haven't given a second thought about having these ducks shot, they've now passed the buck to someone else to make a decision and we all know what the answer will be. I'd like to challenge any of these Labour (so-called) councillors to get down to the Flashes before the slaughter begins and face the many children and parents and explain to them that the ruddy duck won't be around for much longer and why.

Mrs D Smith, Thorburn Road, Pemberton

Heinz should honour its pensioners with a riseH J Heinz is one of the biggest companies within the Wigan area.

It was always the company's proud boast in the past when I was an employee: "We are a caring company: both during your working life and when you become a pensioner of the company: we always take care of you."

What a load of old rubbish.

The people I am talking about are the very people who have made this company the market-leader in food manufacturing that it enjoys to this very day.

Surely it's about time that the company shouldered its responsibilities and acted honourably towards its former workforce, by setting up yearly index-linked offer for all the older pensioners on their books?

According to the latest press releases, their profit margins are again in a very healthy position so why don't they for once do the honourable thing?

We are not asking for anything that is not richly deserved and - according to the past and present profit margins - is well within the company's capabilities.

H J Heinz has not even bothered to send us any written documentation this year telling us why we are not getting a rise.

Syd Hall, Crompton House,


We don't all have time to walk kidsIn response to "Parents should walk children to school", I would love to have that possibility. To have that half hour to chat as we walk would be a joy after a hectic morning sorting out uniform, breakfast, school bags, homework, reading books etc.

But it's a luxury I can't afford as I unfortunately, like many mothers and grandmothers, have to work to support my family, and as I start work at 9am, I simply don't have the time.

So thanks anyway for your suggestion (not brave enough to have your name printed!), I'm guessing you're male and have undoubtedly never had to do the school run, no doubt leaving the wife to it!

Joanne Winstanley,

via email