Lack of Labour support put me off Party

I was at the Remploy factory on September 3 to support the disabled workers and protest against the planned closure of the factory.

Not a single one of the 45 Wigan Labour councillors, not even Couns Prescott who live nearby, could be bothered to attend or even send their apologies.

Even if they didn't get a personal VIP invite, the event was widely publicised in the press and normally Couns Prescott never miss an opportunity to get their photos in the papers.

The only councillors present were from the Community Action Party.

Coun Peter Franzen spoke at the meeting and promised the full support of the CAP to keep the factory open.

After the meeting worker after worker and the union officials went up to Coun Franzen to shake his hand and thank him for his support.

Labour are saying that the workers will all be found mainstream jobs, but we all know that's a load of rubbish and most of them will be dumped on the scrap heap.

As a lifelong Labour supporter I was disgusted with the total lack of Labour support to keep the factory open and I will never vote for them again.

Disgusted ex Labour voter

(name and address supplied)

Dog licences made owners responsible

There seems to have been an increase in dog attacks, especially on young children.

When I was a lad I was responsible for my dog, especially in making sure I got a dog licence for it.

So what happened to licences?

We have dogs fouling the pavements and parks, wherever you go.

It's time dog owners were again made to license their pets; I reckon more people would take better care of their dogs, whatever the breed.

Eric Woodall,

address supplied

We must keep trying to stop violence

The tragic shooting of young Rhys Jones in Liverpool has made the whole nation shudder.

In large cities, male youths in gangs seem to have quickly gone from knives to guns. We certainly haven't cracked Mr Blair's "causes of crime".

Individuals and well-meaning groups from all classes have made heroic efforts to help. The odds are against them. All we can do is try not to despair.

Max Nottingham,

address supplied

Boycott cruel dairy farming

Recent investigations by Animal Aid have revealed a worrying new trend in dairy farming: the arrival of the almost permanently confined 'battery cow'. Under this ultra-intensive regime, many of the cows are kept inside sheds all year-round. Some may get out for intervals during the summer months; many will never venture outside at all. At four such units, we filmed animals crowded together in the gloom, and evidence of emaciation and disease. At one farm, two cows and a young calf had been shot and dumped outside.

Industry insiders told us that, after just four lactations, intensively reared dairy cows are likely to be lame, infertile or suffering from some other ailment that renders them unproductive. At this point, they are sent for slaughter.

The dairy industry also discards unwanted male calves by shooting them or sending them overseas to veal crates. It's time to ditch this cruelty and go dairy-free. Contact for tasty, cruelty-free recipes.

Kate Fowler-Reeves, head of campaigns, Animal Aid,

The Old Chapel,

Bradford Street,

Tonbridge, Kent