Readers’ letters - February 24

Models parade fashion on the catwalk. One reader is concerned about real fur making a comeback. See letter
Models parade fashion on the catwalk. One reader is concerned about real fur making a comeback. See letter

No excuse for real fur

Regarding London Fashion Week, which is taking place this week, I have heard that real fur has been making a comeback.

I’m not just horrified, I’m confused as to how this has happened.

There are fake – some very realistic – alternatives available.

Do real fur wearers not realise this?

Fur is not a by-product of meat (which leather is) but animals are killed for one reason only – their skin.

After all, who has ever eaten fox or mink?

Of all the things an animal is killed for, fashion must surely be the most superficial and meaningless.

And no, real fur wearers, it’s not in the remotest stylish, beautiful, or luxurious.

(Unless one believes torture and cruelty are these things).

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I say anyone – man or woman – who knowingly wears real fur and cares not a jot how or where it came from must be a rather unattractive person.

We’re living in 2016, yet sometimes I fear we’re going backwards with our moral attitudes.


Address supplied

Watch EU disintegrate

Why would any rational person want to belong to an organisation so devoted to wasting money that, each year, having spent six months in Brussels, it then transfers itself, lock, stock, barrel and civil servants to Strasbourg?

An organisation mis-handling such eye-watering amounts of money that their accounts have not been signed off by the auditors for over a decade?

We should withdraw from the EU and watch it disintegrate. Within a decade they would be asking us to re-join the free trade area for which we originally voted.

Jim Beck,

Address supplied

An ego too big for president

Trump for American president?

Are a lot of Americans as blind as the British public were in the last election?

An ego that large in charge of the biggest power in the world with his hand over the red button. God help us all if it ever happens.

APB via email

Dogs, cats and tax evaders

They say, in this country of ours, that nobody is above the law, yet you get dogs doing their business on somebody’s manicured lawn, cats jumping on and snoozing on car bonnets, rats and mice scurrying around chewing everything in sight, pigeons landing on and whitewashing TV aerials, even human beings laughing all the way to the bank by avoiding tax payments. Such is life.

EB Warris via email

Spend cash more wisely

Apparently, maternity payments are to be offered to all mothers who want to give birth at home. Nice when the NHS England can find the money for some things.

In my view, this proposed £3,000 could be much wisely better spent.

But, who am I? I’m just a bloke!

Darryl Ashton