Readers’ letters - January 6

Who will empty these bins ' 'bin men' or 'refuse operatives'? One reader says job titles may change but pay will always be more important. See letter
Who will empty these bins ' 'bin men' or 'refuse operatives'? One reader says job titles may change but pay will always be more important. See letter

Provide real solutions

Paul Nuttall’s recent letter exploring the causes of the recent floods that have devastated the region contained only one surprise: that he didn’t try to find a way of blaming them on immigration as well as the EU (WEP January 5).

It’s absolutely true that poor land management decisions taken at all levels of government – from the EU all the way down to Wigan Council – have made flooding more likely, but why won’t he accept the root cause behind it all?

Let’s look at the evidence: 2015 breaking the average temperature record with 2016 set to beat it, and the most extreme impact of the El 
Niño phenomenon ever observed.

While Mr Nuttall bleats about leaving the EU, he’s doing nothing to face up to the very real climate change that’s now blighting local lives.

And leaving the EU would be a disaster in our attempts to respond: we’d lose the capacity to work with our neighbours against a crisis that simply doesn’t recognise national borders, and we’d be handing power back to the carbon-obsessed cheerleaders for fracking in the Tory Government at Westminster. Meanwhile, more and more houses would still be built without decent energy efficiency standards, and Wigan Council would press on with its plans for more new roads, encouraging more traffic and more emissions, whether we are in the EU or not.

It’s time UKIP woke up to the fact that they need a better environmental policy than just “Leave the EU”, and if they’re not willing to provide real solutions to the climate crisis that’s affecting everyone, they should stand aside for those of us who will.

Will Patterson

Wigan & Leigh Green Party

Beards aided our cause

We would like to thank all the local men who took part in Beating Bowel Cancer’s Decembeard fundraising campaign by going grizzly last month. Decembeard, which asks men to ditch their razors and grow a beard throughout the month of December, is a fun way for individuals or teams to raise funds and help to increase awareness of the disease. It’s simple to take part in and thousands signed up for it again last month.

The many thousands of pounds they have raised in sponsorship will help the charity to support bowel cancer patients and their families and to raise awareness of the disease, its symptoms and the need for early diagnosis.

As well as raising funds for the charity, the campaign can help to break down the stigma of talking about bowel cancer, which is the UK’s second biggest cancer killer. Over a hundred people are diagnosed with bowel cancer every day, yet over 90 per cent of cases can be treated successfully if caught early. So it’s vital that people become more aware of the symptoms so they can act quickly.

If anyone has any concerns, there’s lots of information on our website or they can call our Nurse Helpline on 020 8973 0011.

Mark Flannagan,

CEO Beating Bowel Cancer

Grand titles

In my youth we had bin men and farm workers. Now, no doubt in order to attract staff, we have refuse operatives and I have seen an advert for skilled arable operatives.

The jobs are the same but with grandiose titles.

Names don’t mean a thing but pay does.

Peter Hyde via email