Readers’ letters - May 2

An image from the Remain leaflet issued to households across Britain earlier this month
An image from the Remain leaflet issued to households across Britain earlier this month

This leaflet is just a joke

Are all those who voted us into the Common Market happy with the EU situation as it stands today?

Crowded schools, if you can get in one of your choice, an overstretched NHS, cancelled operations and long waits for everything else. High unemployment, even more now the severely disabled are expected to find work.

Benefit sanctions, the penalty for not doing as you’re told.

Housing and the lack of it and the bedroom tax, as if we don’t fork out enough tax already.

Then the pension age increase to 66/70 if you’re under 55.

So now we have a booklet rammed down our throats begging us to stay in the EU that has got more jokes in it than a student rag magazine.

The first bit is about trading – if we’ve got what people want they will trade with us regardless.

Next is the cost of living and if we left the EU it would result in economic shock – we get one of those every April when it’s the budget.

Then, under travel abroad, it claims EU reforms resulted in a drop in fares. Nonsense, it depends on when you travel.

Roaming charges will be abolished across the EU saving 38p a minute – who’s bothered about that, send a postcard instead.

It goes on to say you can access free or cheaper healthcare – you pay for that in your travel insurance.

On the next page under what happens if we leave, it states it could take the Government 10 years to negotiate new agendas.

So start now, perfect preparation prevents poor performance.

The next page about border control says they have negotiated a deal that makes benefits less of a draw to migrants, so it is an admission that they are right now and they won’t have access to some benefits until they’ve worked here for four years.

Worked where exactly? Jobs are as rare as rocking horse muck, so who will keep them until then?

Then, EU co-operation makes it easier to keep criminals out of the UK.

There’s more now than ever and some are even publishing propaganda pamphlets.


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A return to communism

Voters have been encouraged to regard the EU referendum debate principally about social/economic issues, when fundamentally it is a battle between two opposing systems, legal and governmental. Whichever system we choose on June 23 will decide our future for ever.

Mr Cameron and his apparatchiks, having paid lip-service to Magna Carta and 800 years of freedom under Common Law, the most stable form of government known to man, now require us to surrender all that and for a diminishing commercial return meekly submit to the torrent of controls issuing from a corrupt Napoleonic-style super state.

He thereby guarantees us that we will never again make our own laws of trade with Europe or the rest of the world and that police arrest powers that breach the presumption of innocence enshrined in Common Law will continue.

If readers still don’t get it, the former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev said: “The most puzzling development in politics during the last decade is the determination of European leaders to recreate communism in Western Europe.”

How ironic that, in 1970, our Government told us we had to be in the EC as a “bulwark against communism”. Once again England must save Europe, this time by voting “out”.

Martin Cruttwell

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