Readers’ letters - May 3

Leicester City boss Claudio Ranieri remonstrates with an assistant referee
Leicester City boss Claudio Ranieri remonstrates with an assistant referee

Are subtitles required?

While I was watching the BBC Final Score results service on TV, there were several interviews about certain football games. I couldn’t believe the lack of the English language among several players and the team managers.

I find this truly alarming to the ear. All those who were interviewed all spoke in poor broken English. What on 
earth has gone so badly wrong in the English game of football?

Why isn’t the ability of speaking “GOOD” and “CLEAR” English not a ‘legal’ requirement when a person is coming to manage a club in England? It should be in their contract.

These players and managers also ‘mumble’ their way through their interviews. A bit like the BBC TV newsreaders!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I did used to love watching the ‘Saint and Greavsie’ football programme in the magical 1980s. Not to mention Dickie Davies and World of Sport – with professional wrestling just before the football results came on.

And the footballers and the managers who were interviewed all spoke excellent ENGLISH!

How times have changed!

Darryl Ashton

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Pro-EU camp are meddlers

It would appear that the Remain brigade have more non-British supporters than British.

After America, China, Japan and even New Zealand, we now have the International Monetary Fund, whose head is a former French finance minister and EU fanatic, who was proposed for the job by none other than fellow fanatic George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

It therefore comes as no surprise that she has produced this propaganda, which, of course, contains no hard facts, just the usual scaremongering.

Let us not forget that the IMF totally missed the biggest recession since the Wall Street Crash and that they predicted disaster for Britain if we did not join the Euro.

I think we can safely ignore this latest round of pro-EU scaremongering, along with all Cameron’s other attempts.

D Wood

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New dangers to airliners

As if airline pilots haven’t enough to contend with, we now have an increasing number of idiots shining lasers in their eyes whilst in flight.

Now we hear of a drone hitting a British Airways plane with 132 passengers and crew on board.

Detectives are unlikely to catch the operator of the drone because there is no registration system for users in the UK. Ludicrous.

John Appleyard

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We live on a crowded isle

Thousands of infant school places short, a seven-day wait to see a doctor, 12-hour delays at A&E, hours spent queueing on motorways.

All this has nothing to do with Britain being an over-populated country then?

The likes of Jeremy Corbyn say“let them all in, they are good for the country”.

Where, in the above scenario, can it ever be beneficial to the people born here?

Barrie Crowther

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