Readers’ letters - October 19

A man lays flowers outside the French Embassy in London in memory of those who died in the Paris terror attacks. See letter
A man lays flowers outside the French Embassy in London in memory of those who died in the Paris terror attacks. See letter

Leave action to the USA

With the dramatic and tragic news from Paris over the weekend, it is inevitable people in this country would react, even to the extent of taking formal action against the terrorists.

As a veteran and keen observer of events passed, I would urge everyone to ensure that British troops are NOT involved with any form of action.

Why not? The things which will have to be done will be questionable in action and offensive to most people.

It is necessary, therefore, to leave such action to the Americans.

They have the option to take such action, safe in the knowledge that they are supported by their Government, the people and the judiciary.

This would not be the case in the UK.

The Government may well support such action and wish to involve our troops.

The people will, in the majority, support this. However, it is most unlikely that the judiciary would support such terrible and necessary action, citing various laws and the Geneva Convention.

All enemies of democracy who act like these terrorists do not deserve any form of justice other than that of the sword!

The leader of the Labour Party, and any other politician, would do well to consider his position. If he cannot support necessary action, albeit distasteful, he is not in a position to lead this country!

K D Ashton

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Patients: Be responsible

Can I ask all patients who have made an appointment with their doctors or physiotherapist to either keep their appointment or have the common courtesy to cancel?

There are so many who would use an appointment and be really grateful to see the doctor or physiotherapist.

So much time is wasted by these irresponsible patients.

At our surgery there were 136 people who did not keep their appointment in the month of September.

Such a waste of time.

Annoyed Patient

Now affecting impulse buys

The plastic bag saga continues to rock Britain.

Scotland, the 5p per bag pioneers, claim an 80 per cent reduction in the first year.

Richard Lochhead, the Environment Secretary at Holyrood, hails this as a major success.

Well, that covers the front door of the venture.

Now we’ll take a look at the back door. Since the charge was introduced in England I, for one, have stopped incidental buying.

For example, I always look round a store to see ‘what’s new’, when I’ve just called in for one item.

I would often come out with a (carrier) bagful, now I just go in for specific items and I will only buy ‘extras’ if they fit in my pocket.

We must believe this is probably the mindset of many people throughout the country, with impulse buys becoming a thing of the past.

Trev Bromby

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End for PM?

I had great hopes for David Cameron. Now, with so many U-turns, surely the end is nigh for the present UK Prime Minister. In the infancy of a new term in office, the Conservative Party must find a real stalwart to lead the party.

Terry Duncan via email