Wonders of bygone age are a loss to modern day

I would like to thank Wigan Heritage for giving us the opportunity to view the engine at Trencherfield Mill, Wallgate.

It was most interesting and informative and to see again such a splendid piece of machinery was a sight to behold.

Myself and my brother where privileged to see the engine in its full might in its heyday being responsible for the operation for every machine on all five floors of the building.

It truly was a like a trip down memory lane.

The chief engineer at that time, Tom Cook, and his assistant Clarry Jones kept what we used to call the engine house in pristine condition. With the work that has been done on it Wigan can really be proud.

Computers and modern day technology have greatly enhanced the drive to speed up production in this hectic age we now live in.

But to my mind the awesome wonders of a bygone age reflect a sad loss to future generations.

Tom Penman, Scholes

Tackle the three Yorkshire peaks

Here at Heart Research UK we are on the lookout for walkers from in and around Wigan who are up for a challenge. We would like to hear from teams, couples and individuals who want to take on the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge.

We want to make 2008 a record year, beating last year's fabulous 105,000 that went towards the 1.4m we gave to universities and hospitals across the UK for pioneering research into heart disease.

The Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge is a picturesque and demanding 26-mile walk. The event is not a race; the challenge is to complete the walk in less than 12 hours. There are several marshalled safety check points and experienced walkers en route, with transport back to base for those who can't complete the whole distance.

Entry forms can be downloaded at www.heartresearch.org.uk/three_peaks.htm. Alternatively please call 0113 234 7474 or e-mail info@heartresearch.org.uk.

Laura Schofield

Heart Research UK, Leeds

Just Stop and think before criticising

I accept that social studies have suggested children of single parents do not achieve as well as those of married couples.

I am, fortunately, one of the single parents who is "coping" magnificently to bring up my children to be hard-working and law-abiding citizens.

The last thing I felt was "rewarded" when I received a benefit from the government; ashamed might be closer to the mark.

Without my tax credits (which married couples are entitled to, too!) I would not be able to work. Think before you write.

Name and address supplied

Finding a Happier hunting ground

I see the French are to send more troops to Afghanistan. The Americans say this will allow them to send more US troops to reinforce the Canadians in the south. It seems that the Canadians were threatening to pull their troops out altogether if they did not get more help.

Was that because they were missing out on the disgusting annual massacre of many thousands of baby seals?

After all, the poor seal cubs can't fight back like the Taliban.

Jeff McCann, via email