Defibs given to two clubs

Steve Bates from Shevington Sharks, Andrew Williams from Shevington FC and Coun Damian Edwardson
Steve Bates from Shevington Sharks, Andrew Williams from Shevington FC and Coun Damian Edwardson

TWO local sports clubs are the latest recipients of potentially life-saving equipment thanks to district councillors and their Wigan Council Brighter Borough funding.

Both Shevington FC and Shevington Sharks RLFC now have their own portable defibrillators to take with them when playing games either home or away.

Shevington with Lower Ground councillor Damian Edwardson, who is also the driving force behind the council’s Heart of Wigan campaign was behind the move.

He said: “My ward colleagues, Couns Mike Crosby and Paul Collins and I are extremely proud to have two brilliant community based clubs representing Shevington and the local district. The work they do makes such a difference to the people who live here, both in terms of increasing participation in sport and improving their health.

“Shevington FC sponsored the very first external defibrillator box that was put up in Shevington village centre and both clubs have been firmly behind our Heart of Wigan campaign from day one, we even have the logo on some of their youth kits.

“It gives us great pleasure to use our Brighter Borough funding to donate these defibrillators to both the Sharks and Shevington FC. Although we hope they never have to use them, should a cardiac incident occur with anyone attending their matches at least they will now have access to potentially life-saving equipment and that could make all the difference.”

Coun Edwardson and Heart of Wigan colleagues are also going to train squad members from both clubs in essential life-saving skills such as the recovery position, CPR and defib awareness.

He added: “Shevington with Lower Ground continues to lead the way on Heart of Wigan with CPR training and access to public defibrillators across the ward. Everyone knows how much Heart of Wigan means to me on a personal level and I am pleased to see wards from across the borough now getting involved including training and assistance to groups in Wigan, Leigh and Makerfield as we aim to make the entire borough heart safe.”

Anyone interested in free CPR training can contact Wigan Council’s Heart of Wigan at