Wane ‘offended’ by Bulls’ tackle complaint

Bradford Bulls' Adam Sidlow is tackled by Wigan Warriors' Ben Flower (left), Dom Crosby and Liam Farrell (right)
Bradford Bulls' Adam Sidlow is tackled by Wigan Warriors' Ben Flower (left), Dom Crosby and Liam Farrell (right)
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SHAUN Wane was “offended, shocked and amazed” after Bradford complained about Wigan’s tackling techniques.

The Bulls lodged an official complaint to the RFL about the home side’s tactics in both last Friday’s Super League clash and the Under-19s game the following day, which saw a mass brawl at the end of the game.

Wane insists the complaints have no foundation and suggested Bulls coach Francis Cummins will be “embarrassed” when he watches footage again.

Cummins had suggested knee injuries to Matty Blythe and Adam Sidlow may have been the result of illegal tackles in Friday’s DW clash.

“The game’s tough enough without people targeting knees – it’s three men in and the third man diving in on the knees,” said Cummins, who said the incidents were “worse” in the U19s which triggered a late brawl.

Wane was informed of the complaint at yesterday’s press conference and was clearly not happy about the accusations.

“I’m amazed he’s said that,” said Wane.

“A rugby league tackle is hitting the legs, the speed of the tackle makes it very hard to aim and I’ll tell you now, we don’t train bad practice.

“I’m offended if he’s come out with that.”

Wane says he has not been contacted by the RFL, no player has been cited and he says they have had no problems all season from other clubs regarding their tackle technique. He took particular offence to the implication that the ploy of targeting knees is practiced at first-team and Under-19s level.

“I’m really offended by those comments, it was (a case of) third man in, doing a proper rugby league tackle. We practice nothing illegal here,” he said.

“I could say a lot on this matter. I’ll choose not to... I’ll think about the game first.

“But I’m really shocked, and my players will be shocked. I’ll not accept this lying down. I don’t want to get tit-for-tat, I thought Franny would have said something to be after the game if he had a problem, and he never did. I’m amazed by this. And offended by it.”

Wane was full of praise for Bradford after Friday’s 26-20 last-minute win, courtesy of a Chris Tuson try, and added: “I thought I did the right thing in my press conference, I praised Bradford and I didn’t mention that one of their tries shouldn’t have been allowed because it was offside.

“They played really well. Then I heard Franny’s press conference and he was saying, ‘you come here and you don’t get the calls’. When he watches the game back he’ll be embarrassed. Now he’s said this, he’ll be even more embarrassed.”