Boxing Day will be a banger

Dylan Harris
Dylan Harris
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THE annual Boxing Day shin-dig at Club Nirvana is on.

Many Wiganers will be pleased to know that Northern Lights will be hosted once again, at Nirvana, this December 26.

When Nirvana’s long-term managers Andy and Paula Prescott left, so many clubbers were left wondering where they would spend their Boxing Night.

As the long tradition of partygoers venturing out in fancy-dress costumes is still popular, Dylan Harris and Sean Doherty of Lupine Promotions, have been invited back by Nirvana’s owners to carry on the successful event.

Dylan added: “Boxing Day has always been our busiest night of the year so it’s great we can run it at Nirvana again.

“We’ve hosted the night there for the past six years and after the recent closure of the place it looked like we’d be left without a venue for it this year.

“So it’s fantastic that the new management have let us host it at Nirvana again this year.

“Our regular crowd will be very happy about it, as we left Nirvana suddenly in October, so a lot of people didn’t get the chance to attend there for one last time.

“But now, all being well we might be able to host further events there again in the future.”

Nirvana will have a fixed-priced entry fee all night and at just £6, could be one of the cheapest nights out at a club this year.

Many clubs and pubs have been known to hike up door prices as increased numbers of drinkers pile through the door.

Nirvana doors will open from 10pm.

Northern Lights has also just recently launched its Under 18s night at the Press Room.

Fishy and Catterz will join Dylan and Sean at the new base on Rowbottom Square, every week playing a mix of metal, pop punk, hardcore, ska, hip-hop, and trash and trance.

Dylan added: “Some weeks, we will be starting the night early, bringing a mix of local and signed bands to play before the club night starts.

“Lupine have put gigs on at this venue for over six years now and have brought in hundreds of bands, including an early gig for the Arctic Monkeys.

“We hope to bring many more upcoming bands to play just before they break through and make it big.”

Entry is £3.